Thu, 19 Feb 2004 12:49:54 GMT

Bush Administration 'Distorts Science' – Report. Bush Administration 'Distorts Science' – Report. Via Yahoo News. Above all, it is the rejection of science that most typifies the moral collapse of George W. Bush and his administration. There is not a more serious failure to the Republic. [The Mediaburn Radio Weblog]


i wouldn't call this a moral collapse, that would have required morals to be upstanding beforehand and there is no current evidence of that, what i would call it is an intellectual norm, it would be a collapse if there was evidence of intellectual capacity before a collapse, but there again was not. bush got in because he played a role to the american people, he made them think that he cared and could do the job, he has done neither and nis lack of care toward scientific evidence is just more evidence of that.