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*    Call For Papers - COSIGN 2004
*    The 4th International Conference on COMPUTATIONAL SEMIOTICS
*    University of Split (Croatia)
*    14th - 16th September 2004


The creation and interpretation of meaning in interactive digital media
requires the manipulation of signs and/or pre-existing structures of
meaning. COSIGN plays a crucial role in exploring the relationship between
computer systems and sign systems.

The focus of COSIGN is the way in which meaning can be created by, encoded
in, understood by, or produced through, the computer. As such, it is of
interest to computer scientists, digital artists and designers, HCI and AI
practitioners, and a broad range of other critics, theorists and researchers.

Possible themes include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Software architectures and technologies based upon or inspired by
existing theories of meaning (such as structuralism or semiotics).
* Structures of meaning in artificial intelligence systems.
* Hypertext/hypermedia and the semantic web as structures of meaning.
* The study, analysis or criticism of digital interactive media using
methods drawn from structuralism, semiotics or other theories of meaning.
* Narrative/ludic structures in interactive digital media and videogames.
* Interface as sign system.

Media that make use of the unique capabilities of digital systems are of
particular interest to this conference. These include, but are not limited
to, the following:

* virtual reality systems and virtual environments
* hypertext, hypermedia, multimedia and the internet environments
* content analysis systems (particularly those that extract higher-level
* the semantic web (and similar systems)
* digital art, net art and other technology-based or technology-oriented
art forms
* computer games, interactive narratives and other forms of interactive
* Interface as sign system

The programme and proceedings of the previous three COSIGN conferences are
available at the conference website:

COSIGN invites submissions in the following categories.

1. Academic Papers
Submissions in this category can be initially either in the form of an
abstract of 500 words or in the form of a full paper of up to 10 pages (see for full details). After the review process
authors will be notified of acceptance/modifications.

2. Artworks
COSIGN also invites presentations of artworks relevant to the themes of the
conference. We are interested in all forms/formats of artwork - it need not
be digital art if it is relevant in other ways.

Submissions in this category will be assessed on the basis of documentation
of the work presented in the form of an online website. The website should
include the following:

- A textual description of the proposed artwork and any illustrations.
- A biography of the artist(s)/author(s).
- Contact details.

3. Posters
We also welcome poster presentations of work that is not yet ready for a
full paper, or which would benefit from this more informal mode of

4. Demonstrations
Demonstrations of relevant leading-edge work and work in progress are also

We also welcome proposals which don't fit into these categories (such as
panels, workshops, etc).

All submissions are peer reviewed to ensure the quality and relevance of
those selected. All submissions selected will be included in both the
printed and online proceedings.

As in previous years, COSIGN will endeavour to support as much as possible
the registration fees and/or accommodation of those presenters who are not
funded by an institution or organisation.


For full submission procedure, guidelines and requirements, please go to:


29th April 2004 - Submission date for 500 word abstracts, draft/full papers
and artworks
24th May 2004   - Submission date (posters and demonstrations)
26th May 2004   - Notification of acceptance (papers, abstracts and artworks)
04th June 2004  - Notification of acceptance (posters and demos)
26th July 2004  - Camera-ready copy for the proceedings (all)


COSIGN 2004 will be held in Split, Croatia. The city of Split is located in
the South of Croatia, just one or two hours away by ferry from some of the
most attractive Adriatic islands and seaside resorts. It is easy to reach
Split by air or by an overnight ferry from Italy. Split International
Airport is connected with major European airports via Zagreb and Frankfurt.
In the summer months, there are also numerous direct flights from several
European capitals. International ferries and S.N.A.V. speedboat for Split
depart from the Italian port of Ancona.

COSIGN will be hosted by by the Department of Visual Communication, Art
Academy, University of Split. The Department is located in what originally
used to be a Venetian fortress, just a  five-minute walk away from the
historic core of the city. The medieval heart of Split, whose eclectic
architectural style is highly appreciated by art historians, grew from the
palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian (built between 295 and 305 AD).
Numerous cultural events take place in Split all year round. In September,
the city is home to the International Festival of New Film and Video, with
a vibrant new media section.


Andy Clarke - Kinonet (UK)
Clive Fencott - University of Teeside (UK)
Grethe Mitchell - University of East London and Kinonet (UK)
Frank Nack - CWI (Netherlands)
Mirko Petric - University of Split (Croatia)


For up-to-date details of these, please see the conference website:

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