disappointing coverage, disappointing leadership

why is USATODAY quoting Grover Norquist about gay marriage? he is not an elected official, he has no say other than he seems to be herding both the bush administration and the republican congress in ways that are probably not beneficial to our nation. in short, the man has no qualification nor clue as to the best path, yet he is not just being listened to but promoted by a major newspaper. I say it is shameful.

beyond that, either people are equal or not. if people are equal then they have equal rights, all the rights are equal, this includes the right to state sanctioned marriage, though other sanctioned marriages are up to their sanctioning group…. If people are not equal and do not have equal rights, then this isn't the United States, but is some perversion of it, and the people pushing it farther in that direction need to be resisted. In short, i think the massachusettes court did the right thing for the united states. it said, more or less that people are equal and have equal rights.

if they try to take away equality through constitutional amendment, there will be major problems.

but that is just my opinion.