you never said you wanted them, well jason did, blame him

but here they are:)
i have garageband and took some time to show you my complete incompetence in crafting music
a warning: they are AIFF and they are pretty large, from 4mb-70mb depending…..

  • First Shot, was my first shot with garageband, i think it is ok, if a bit clearly produced by a computer. more or less this was constructed as a two piano dialogue in the form of a spirited argument.
  • little voice, big world, this one was my third try, i was much more comfortable crafting some unique sounds in garageband, but it is short, but i think interesting. It is meant to highlight a mix of chaos and order.
  • Instrumental1this is my second song, it is a little less rough than first shot, but it really lacks anything not from apple. it is clearly mixed as a fun song, or at least i think it is fun.
  • striding
    this is a short song, with two or three self crafted passages, such as the variation, to me it sounds like it should be a commercial with a guy on top of the world walking down the street, 'striding'.

well that as they say is that, blog on dudes and dudettes