Sat, 10 Jan 2004 14:00:42 GMT

Schwarzenegger proposes billions in cuts

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a $99.1 billion budget plan Friday and proposed cutting billions of dollars from public health and welfare programs to help pay for it.

A Republican wants to slash public health and welfare budgets? Now there's a shocker.

Schwarzenegger did not include any new taxes in his budget plan Friday, but in addition to the cuts, he requested higher state park fees and tuition increases of as much as 40 percent for college students

Ah, “no new taxes”, just lots of hikes in non-tax revenue sources. Would someone remind me again why Arnold is a new kind of politician?

Expect howls of protests from cities, counties, and other municipalities – regardless of party affiliation. The party is over. The wars begin.

[Politics in the Zeros]


sounds more or less like what they did in virginia a few years back, cut the car tax, cut the schools, raise tuition, etc. amazing… it didn't solve the budget problem in any real sense.