two more resolutions

i want to eat better and excercise more. I think both of those will be aided by the other two resolutions. I'm thinking simply here, and am primarily aiming at eating more fruits and veggies, drinking water, juice, or tea instead of soda, etc.

exercise wise, i have my exercise bike that i should ride but don't and I'm thinking of taking up the 5bx plan with that, and ill probably combine that with some extra stretching and basic weight training.

and pretty much the final resolution is to get rid of stuff that i don't use or want but keep around sort of as a default keeping it mechanism, this includes clothes that i've not worn in 10 years, old magazines that I once thought i'd use for content analysis or the like and just general junk, like the roll of speaker wire, christmas tree lights, aquarium equipment that i don't use, computer equipment like a 486 motherboard, and such. Less is more in most of these cases, and if i want that stuff in the future, i can go buy it.

so that's my resolutions for 2004:

  1. watch less tv
  2. give up alcohol
  3. eat better and excercise more
  4. get rid of junk

ps. i'll finish my ph.d. too.