Fri, 12 Dec 2003 02:21:57 GMT

Beating Around the Bush.

Via Steve Gilliard's News Blog.

What has to be stressed over and over is the fragility of Bush's support.

Wrong on the issues, the war in Iraq, Bush only has an aura of personal charm which keeps his presidency afloat. People mistake his obstinancy for plain spokenness. It isn't. Bush is really just that stubborn and simple.

Someone said Bush has a glass jaw, I think that's kind. Bush is one real challenge from a complete collapse. That bubble they built around him isn't for laughs. The idea that a president doesn't read the news may sound cute to some, but it's frighteningly disconnected to me.

Bush plays into the worst prejudices of American political life: a belief in authority over curiousity, a xenopohobia which is deeply personal. A man with his education doesn't not travel abroad unless he has a deep aversion to it. His inability to admit error, the excessive stage management, the fear-based war on terror. All are indicative of someone unable to face the world on its own terms.

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back when i was a teen, i had a copy of the book of lists 3, in which there were two lists for the scariest person ever, on the u.s. list, there were the usual suspects, on the world list near the top was ronald reagan, shocking… but true. i think the failed bush presidency now far surpasses reagan on the world fear factor. that is not a good thing.