Wed, 10 Dec 2003 18:39:36 GMT

We are everywhere: The irresistible rise of global anticapitalism

<This new book> tells the tale of what is commonly known as “the anti-globalization movement.”

Except that most Westerners get that term wrong. The antiglobalizers aren't just a handful of white American union members, treehuggers and black-clad radicals.

Most of the movement is action by people worldwide, facing life or death stakes: peasants fighting water privatization in Bolivia; farmers fighting biopiracy in India; rebel Zapatistas fighting for autonomy in Mexico; the landless poor hijacking farmland in Brazil; AIDS activists fighting pharmaceutical giants in South Africa.

This book is about the whole globalization movement, Latin American campesinos, crusty punks from Oregon, environmentalists in Niger, students in Mexico city, pie-throwers in San Francisco, squatters in Ontario, anarchists in Italy, refugees in Australia, factory workers in Poland, landless farmers in Thailand. The list goes on.

[Politics in the Zeros]