Wed, 19 Nov 2003 20:01:21 GMT

back in blacksburg, too much to do though, way too much.

so what did I do in my scholarly sojourn to Copenhagen:
found out that united lost my luggage but SAS would find it, met Charlie Breindahl, wandered about, fixed digital camera, went to lunch at a neat bookshop/cafe, went to Gitte Stald's class, saw Sue Morris give an interesting paper on game user communities, then went to have some drinks with Gitte's class, then went to Espen Aarseth's met Ulla and Dorrit again and then had dinner with Marta and Julian Oliver, who knows my acquaintance John Pace, small world, then went to bed. woke up, had a nice breakfast admired Espen's magic coffee machine, then wandered down to meet charlie, wandered with Charlie around the city a bit more eventually making our way to the to the Carlsburg Statue(it also has other art) Museum, which is charlie's favorite, then we went to lunch and had smoresbrod, which for me was the holiday version a meat turine, very nice with some jul beer, which was ok (but i have exceedingly high beer standards), everyone was having a beer at lunch, the place was a mix between a pub and a cafe, very 'neat' then we went to the Danish Design Center, where the exhibition photographer took some pictures of us for their design prize exhibition, i took a bunch of pics there too, then charlie had to go pick up junior and i had to meet charles ess for dinner, so we wandered around a bit, charlie took me into the economics and social sciences library to look for the encyclopedia we have articles in, we also wandered through the 'twisty street' and eventually made it to norreport, where we went our separate ways. i found my way to itu just fine relying on a nice gentleman to point out the stop once i knew i was close. then i wandered down some streets and apparently was completely oblivious to Sue (sorry about that, I get unidirectional when focused) then I ran into Lisbeth and several other ITUers and gained entry fineagling the proper floor from them and meandered on up, walking down the hall, Charles recognized me from the back and showed me his office, got me a water, we had a short talk then started working on dinner plans, i glanced at several of his books, then he packed his gear, we exchanged some info with Espen and TL Taylor about dinner and we went to his place in fredericksburg, which is a commune inside copenhagen, but is and is not copenhagen, then we wandered off, it was a nice night, a bit brisk, but my new coat stood me in good stead. first we dropped off charles's stuff in his flat, which was nice, then we wandered off in search of a dinner place, and discovered to our chagrin that the 'chosen one' was reserved, though it looked interesting if a bit smoky, so we hunted around and then i waited for the gang and then charles found kai, which was nice, so it was charles, espen, tl, sue, myself and jesper juul at dinner, and a fine dinner was had by all… i had the crusted salmon and an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream(realizing the light is the way to go with possible jet lag looming), then espen and i headed back to his place where i was staying. the next day was the conference i primarily participated in the roundtable . the next day was sunday, espen and i took a walk around dragor, saw the town, saw the port, saw the teahouses, saw the malmo bridge, saw the fort, saw the geese, oh saw quite a bit, but only had my camera for part of it, as the batteries died. monday i gave my ethics presentation at itu with a good audience, Stine was ill and everyone was busy so i wandered off and got nearly entirely lost until i found myself again, then reoriented and headed down town, it was a good wander and earned me a few blisters. the next day i flew out, landed in dc. my flight to roanoke was canceled, united did not put me up in a hotel, i had to get one myself, i was quite displeased with them and still am, but what can you do, so now i'm back in blacksburg.