Wed, 29 Oct 2003 17:08:47 GMT

so amongst other things, i've been trying to get CDSware working to replace the software on the cddc eprints server, that no one uses, but really didn't like working with apache 2, so i had to switch to something. the problem that i have isn't with cdsware, which is nifty by all accounts so far, it is with WML which seems to be particularly irritating it inability to recurse directory trees on my redhat 9 system, thus all the files that call other files in the tree need to have directories appended or they end Make with an error, big fun, but it is really a pain, and since around noon yesterday i have been in an overirritable mood….

so once again i tossed my irc client away, if you want to chat, i'm on ichat only until i decide to go back to irc, which will be a few months. why? because the channels that i've been hanging out on have several bots that i find quite irritating, and am tired dealing with them.

other than that, i've been working on job letters a bit, and i've come to see that i'm not prototypical for professor jobs.