the afternoon

Yesterday, afternoon i went to see the Histories panel at the < a href="">aoir conference. The papers were interesting, the net years papers was intriguing, i'm wondering about capital times…. if every year is 7 years of amnesiac passings on the net, then the hypertemporal perspective becomes hyperpolitical, it would be good to tie virilio into that. beyond that the thought was put forth 'what came before the homepage' to which i thought 'the home directory'….

the other two papers were about Australian internet history, one presented a cultural-political history and the other proposed a modified annales school methodology. both are interesting works and I look forward to seeing them upon completion.


after the panels we had our reception and i met Megan Boler and Tracy Kennedy and chatted a bit, took some video. all good fun. I also ran into Rajiv Shaw who is applying for a job that I'm also applying for.

after that I went to dinner with some folks, came back to the hotel and chatted for a while and had drinks with some of the usual criminals.