not my america, i hope, yet it is….

Your Homeland Security Dollars in Action. Dan Hughes of TheyBlinked points us to a story about his brother and his fiance. Here's the intro to the article: The love story of Trevor Hughes and his fiancee began in an elementary school in the Himalayan foothills. They were “global nomads.” He was a diplomat's son. She the daughter of missionaries. They lived in Asia, attended school together, fell in love and want to get married in June. But when Hughes' fiancee, a German national, tried to visit him on a six-month tourist visa Monday, she was detained in Atlanta, handcuffed, jailed—even stripped of her diamond engagement… [Joho the Blog]


Well all is not well as usual, fiance comes to visit fiance, has the wrong color skin gets bureaucratically abused, etc. I should note that I don't think they should feel that this was particularly different from other experiences, it probably happens hundreds of times each day. nonetheless, it is not the sort of thing that should happen. One of the problems is that we've put highly problematic, and probably underskilled people, in positions of power and while they think they are operating appropriately and optimally they can only perform at their own capacity, which lends itself to situations like this.