Tue, 02 Sep 2003 15:27:01 GMT

Shifting IT Jobs.

Robin Miller takes a closer look at the “problem” of IT jobs shifting away from the US to other countries like India and concludes:

There is a digital divide between the developed markets and the emerging markets. The opportunity lies in crossing this chasm and creating disruptive innovation for technology's next markets.

[E M E R G I C . o r g]


The key is to specialize and provide services that only you can provide or a smallnumber of people can provide, thus increasing your worth to local groups. I mean you have to think about your global-local equation now instead of your local equation for employability, which isn't hard to think about. More or less if you are doing a job that anyone can do, and someone can do it cheaper, then someone might get to do that job cheaper, but if you are doing a job that few can do, and you provide the added benefit to the company by being one of those people, then they won't get rid of your job, unless of course the whole system becomes overburdened by people like you at which point they just close down because of lack of profit.

lots more info on emergic