Wed, 27 Aug 2003 18:30:20 GMT

The professor has left their context. George wonders if the notion that his students will find and read his blog will influence his writing, and decides probably not. Agreed. It's on the other end that there may be more impact. I still have skewed notions of… [weezBlog]

the context of no context. most of my students only know me through my online personae, which is usually 'socratic questioner' 'guide on the side', etc. and don't know me as any other role, never met me in my office, etc. and the ones that do come to my office are usually quite surprised about how my office is, which is 'lived in' in the least interesting sense of the word. so they worry about that stack of paper that is sitting in the chair and whether they should move it, looking longingly at the chair, etc. like it is some place to sit instead of a wheeled file cabinet that it obviously is in my interpretive flexibile approach to the world. but yes, students expect you to be something you probably aren't just like they expect people on tv to be like the characters they play, will learning other things about those people change their opinion, yes, is that a good thing, probably yes.