Eight tips for better academic writing

Eight tips for better academic writing:
Read it outloud backwards. I heard about this in the chronicle forums (sorry, I can’t find the link). It really works, even though it may be boring after a while. It’s the closest that an author can be to reading with the reader mindset. If you are too busy or feel ashamed reading stuff outloud, you can use a program to convert text to voice. The impersonal voice may actually help. Then, you can play the resulting audio file at a speed faster than normal. You can also use the player to move back and forth between problematic sections. This way, you can annotate where you need to do edits. If you want a free program that converts text to voice and works well, try Dspeech. It even lets you output an ogg file, my preferred music format. You’ll need a decent SAPI5 voice (you usually need to pay for those).

i try to do this… the other tips are good too.