Sat, 26 Jul 2003 17:50:00 GMT

Soft money loophole reopens.

AP via NYT: Big companies and unions banned from donating to elections under a new law will be able to whip out their political checkbooks after all — at least to contribute millions for fireworks, silver-tray shrimp and other glitz at next year's presidential nominating conventions.

The Federal Election Commission decided Thursday to keep one of the oldest avenues for soft money open, ruling that the law's strict limits on campaign donations don't apply to fund raising by the local committees that help the parties stage their conventions.

[The Agonist]

well, once again, large amounts of money will be funneled into an american election and it will function basically as a form of once removed purchasing of votes and cause undo influence onto the incoming regime, maybe we'll invade france to gain control of swiss cheese this time to underwrite the u.s. dairy industry….