semantic web services

— Semantic Web Services —

2004 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

Stanford University, CA

Services, i.e. network pervasive programs or devices, facilitate
interoperation by exposing their interfaces to each other. Such
service-oriented research includes:

* Web Services – standardized enterprise components
offered across the Web;
* Grid Services – scientific/computing resources that
facilitate large-scale e-science research;
* Multi-Agent Systems – heterogeneous agents that
cooperate or compete to solve distributed AI problems.

Whilst services deliver dynamic, personalised, and relevant applications
though discovery, invocation and composition, a key remaining challenge
is to support automated interoperability without necessitating human
intervention. The inclusion and use of Semantic Web annotations promise
to make Web-based information and services both accessible and
understandable to agents and other applications. Emerging ontologies
(e.g. DAML-S) are being used to construct semantically rich service
descriptions. Techniques for planning, composing, editing, reasoning and
analysing about these descriptions are being investigated, and deployed
to resolve semantic interoperability between services within scalable,
open environments.

Key research challenges in the area of Web services, Grid services and
Multi-Agent computing include the construction of ontologies for service
description, ontologies of service types (i.e. describing classes of
services), etc, as well as techniques that support the manipulation of
service descriptions to automate service discovery, translation,
composition, etc.

This proposed symposium aims to bring together researchers addressing
many of these issues, and promote and foster a greater understanding of
how the Semantic Web can assist Grid, Web Services and Multi Agent
System research.

Topics of Interest include:

Ontologies that support service descriptions
Ontologies for service classification
Semantic interoperability and integration
Quality of service and service level agreement management
Semantic Web security policies, management and frameworks
Semantic description, discovery, and selection of services
Scaleable service composition for heterogeneous environments
Knowledge Representation for Semantic Web Services
DAML-S services
Semantics in Agent Communication Languages
Semantics for service delegation and knowledge aggregation
Architectures for supporting Semantic Web Services
Service enactment/invocation frameworks
Service Negotiation
Rules within Semantic Web Services

Submission Information
Those interested in participating should send either 1-3 page extended
abstract, or an 8-page paper to Terry Payne ( by the
submission deadline. Electronic submissions (Postscript or PDF) in AAAI
format preferred

Abstracts Due: October 3, 2003
Acceptance Notices: November 7, 2003
Camera Ready: January 20, 2004
Registration: February 27, 2004
Symposium: March 22-24, 2004

Terry Payne (Chair)
Keith Decker
Ora Lassila
Sheila McIlraith
Katia Sycara