Mon, 30 Jun 2003 23:40:05 GMT

1602. “[T]he whole Marvel Universe is starting to occur 500 years early …

Sir Nicholas Fury is head of the Queen's Intelligence, Dr Stephen Strange is her court physician (and magician), the Inquisition is torturing “witchbreed” … and now a mysterious treasure — which may be a weapon of some kind — is being sent from Jerusalem to England by the last of the Templars. Something that may save the world, or destroy it, which has already attracted the attention of such people as Count Otto Von Doom (known as “The Handsome”)… [so] Nicholas Fury sends his top agent, a blind Irish ballad singer named Matthew Murdock, off to bring it back safely.”

What does it all mean? Just that Neil Gaiman is taking Marvel back to 1602. [MetaFilter]

this sounds like it could be cool….. or at least interesting. comic books are interesting to me again.