Wed, 18 Jun 2003 18:19:52 GMT

On Search: The Users. Herewith Chapter Two of the search travelogue. Between late 1994 and early 1996 I was occupied full-time and then some building and running one of the first Web search engines, the long-departed Open Text Index. There weren‰??t many million-hits-a-day sites back then. When you‰??re running that kind of thing, you spend a lot of time watching your logs to figure out what your users are doing and what makes them happy. There are two lessons that loom larger than all the others put together…. [ongoing]

this is somewhat insightful, i wonder if anyone has similar insights on blogs. I know that when i analyze my logs from my blog it tends to show that most people view only the current page, unless the other pages show up on a search, and then they view a specific page.