Wed, 14 May 2003 15:49:35 GMT

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If you used an IBM PC in the 1980s — if you used one a lot — you came to know, and perhaps love, the feel of the old IBM keyboards. They were solid. The keys moved. They clicked. Over time, as every aspect of PC manufacturing faced the grim reaper of cost-cutting, keyboards became flimsy and disposable pieces of plastic. The touch and feel of the old IBMs became a lost artifact of the early PC era.

So I was thrilled to read (on MSNBC, via Gizmodo) that somebody is still making a contemporary equivalent of those old keyboards. They cost about $50, or five to ten times the price of today's junky keyboards, but boy, I think it's probably worth it. [Scott Rosenberg's Links & Comment]

yes, they are the best keyboards i think. I know that i have a few stashed away, but the problem is that they are now nearly impossible to adapt to anything other than a pc. Another great keyboard is the sun workstation keyboard from that era, mmmmm,.