Mon, 05 May 2003 19:01:52 GMT

CHEF Project: The Comprehensive Collaborative Framework Initiative, Univ. of Mich.. This announcement about the CHEF Project appeared in the April 8, 2003 issue of the Distance Educator Daily News, (
The CHEF Project is one more important development in steps toward shared, open-source education tools.

“The CompreHensive collaborativE Framework (CHEF) initiative has as its goal, the development of a flexible environment for supporting distance learning and collaborative work, and doing research on distance learning and collaborative work. This project is staffed by University of Michigan School of Information and Media Union staff.”

“We are working closely with and are contributing to the OKI reference architecture, and are collaborating with other groups interested in open source collaboration standards. Communities targeted for CHEF use include those involved in the scholarly activities of teaching, learning and research at the University of Michigan, and their students and colleagues involved in teaching, learning and research that are outside of the Michigan community.” [EduResources Weblog–Higher Education Resources Online]

This looks like it could be a good project to become part of….