Wed, 23 Apr 2003 17:20:20 GMT

Innovation. This semester I'm involved in team teaching a third year subject which is known as Advanced Media Production. This is a subject we introduced a few years ago to bring together television and radio students in their final year to collaborate, and to provide them with the space to explore new ideas through the development of projects that would have an audio, televisual, and web outcome. Students have to prepare a project to present to groups for peer review and shortlisting, the project needed to be innovative, creative, able to be done (with the resources available and with the skills available) and have three media outcomes. In general the projects presented lacked all of these qualities. It is not the students fault. At no point in their undergraduate career have they actually been taught, shown, or allowed to be, innovative. Hence innovation gets confused with creativity and treated as the… [vog blog::vlog 2.0]

Teaching innovation is not an easy thing, because you have to teach something beyond creativity, you have to teach architecture and rigor, not everyone is prepared for that type of work.