Dac is cool

What is DAC?. I'm currently the chair of this years DAC conference, and there's a ton of stuff I'm trying to achieve with the conference, and a ton of stuff (well, a few kilo's anyway) that i've learnt along the way, and I really need to start documenting some of this. For me, for others, and also so people get some idea of what the conference is actually on about. So, here goes. DAC is digital arts and culture and it is a conference series that was initiated by Espen Aarseth in 1998. This one is the fifth and the first one without external funding, so this is the one that probably makes or breaks the conference as an ongoing series. I want the conference to be serious about being a collaborative and interdisciplinary event where the papers are intended to be precursors to serious conversation. DAC specifically seeks to bring together a… [vog blog::vlog 2.0]

I wish i was going, this is a great conference.