Wed, 05 Mar 2003 15:03:39 GMT

Transdisciplinarity in KM.

Recent comments to ?Emergent KM Research? ? proposal from Quaerere to KAngels continue the discussion about multi-/trans-/inter-disciplinary approaches to KM. At this stage reading the discussion can make you totally confusing, so to pieces:

Definition of transdisciplinarity (cited by Peter Troxler from Transdisciplinarity – New Structures in Science)

a scientific (…) principle that is active wherever a definition of problems and their solutions is not possible within a given field or discipline.

Boris Wyssusek

I also want to reiterate my question: is there anyone seriously interested in methodological issues of KM? Please let me know.


I generally define a trandiscipline along the lines that Guattari and Vilar define it, as an arena of study that is defined by the globality of its object and humbled by the innumerable methods for coming to know about that object.