Thu, 02 Jan 2003 15:57:35 GMT

Art History as agit prop. has posted a disturbing student evaluation of an Art History course taught at the University of Maryland. Described as… [Critical Mass]

hmmm, I don't see why sociology and politics or foreign policy are inappropriate topics for an art class on mesoamerica or elsewhere. It seems to me, that the student here is presenting a somewhat closeminded view on what the role of art in society might be, and how that relates to a wide variety of topics. I'd suggest reading the recent book Museum Politics for a better understanding.

I mean why do students seem to think that there are fixed disciplines, one can only study art history in art history, philosophy in philosophy, social theory in sociology. It seems quite a strange notion to think that the domains of knowledge are fixed barriers, impenetrable to each other, and that a person who has managed to be an expert in one area, therefor, has no knowledge of the others…..