Thu, 02 Jan 2003 15:32:19 GMT

Citizen! Step away from the beer!. SWAT tactics being used to combat public drunkenness in Fairfax County, Virginia. Go to a bar or restaurant and risk being “escorted” outside by teams police in full riot gear, given a sobriety test, and arrested if you've had more than a drink or two in under an hour.

Thank god our tax dollars are being used to keep us safe from the danger of slightly tipsy people celebrating the holidays in establishments that legally serve alcohol.

Not like they have anything better to do. [MetaFilter]

oh me, oh my, i bet this is popular amongst holiday revellers. but i can see why they go in with swat gear, i mean this is virginia, public drunkenness is sort of a tradition, from the highest office to the lowest throughout history, to remove that assumed right would be tantamount to asking for a serious beating. However, I do think that excessive drinking should be avoided.