Thu, 02 Jan 2003 15:15:04 GMT

An Assistant That Knows the Real You. Carrying vital information you cannot afford to leak? Hewlett-Packard's new iPAQ Pocket PC h5450 is not merely as powerful as its competitors (with 64 megabytes of memory and a 400-megahertz Intel processor), enabled with the short-range wireless technology Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-ready. It is the first hand-held organizer with a biometric fingerprint reader designed to prevent it from being used by anyone but its owner. [New York Times: Technology]

ok, this is dumb. If you think this will protect your data, well, yer a might bit off, i'd say. If you have data on a system that you don't others to have, you have to use pervasive encryption, not barriers to entry. Every barrier to entry can be surpassed. For me, i'd just take your machine, rip it apart and nab the data by bypassing the data. And if you are using something as weak as ms traditionally encrypts, well…., anyone that wants that data will have it tomorrow.

in short, sell insecurity as security through a gadget, wee!