Call for Submissions

Please distribute broadly as appropriate-jh

Call for Submissions deadline March 1, 2008.

Information on Internet Research Degrees and Research Programs.

In the International Handbook of Internet Research (Springer, 2008),
we intend to include two appendices. This call includes information
for each submission. Internet research is broadly conceived in this
call, so if you have material that you think will fit, please submit it.

Appendix 1 will be a listing of Research Degree Programs, that is
programs that offer either an Master’s or Doctoral level degree
relating to internet research. We intend to include as many programs
as we can collect within editorial discretion and space limitations.

To have your degree program/s included in this listing, please send
the following information:
Name of Program:
Departmental home/s of Program:
University/Institutional home of Program:
Address of Program:
Short description of Program (250 words):
Listing of contributing faculty working in internet research:
and other pertinent information to be included at editor’s discretion.

Appendix 2 will be a listing of Major Research Centers/Institutes in
the field of Internet Research. Inclusion in the list will be at the
editors’ discretion, but we will strive to be reasonably inclusive
given space limitations.

To have a Center included in this listing please send the following

Name of Center/Institute:
Institutional home of center/institute:
Address of center/institute:
Short Description of Program (250 words):
Listing of fewer than 10 research topics/keywords:
Listing of leading members of the center/institute:
Listing of founders of the center/institute:
Listing of recent research projects/publications (up to 5
bibliographic citations with up to 50 word descriptions which may be
edited because of space limitations):
Listing of affiliated research centers as appropriate:

Please submit this information to: with the
subject ‘degree’ for degree programs and the subject line ‘center’ for
research centers. The deadline for submission is March 1, if you need
more time, please contact us at the address above.

Thank you,
Handbook Editors
Jeremy Hunsinger
Matthew Allen
Lisbeth Klastrup