RIP Jessee

libsl contributor Jesse Malthus (Jesse Higginbotham) passed away – Second Citizen Forums:
Earlier today, a friend of Jesse’s joined the libsl IRC channel and notified us of some horrible news:

“Hello everybody, I come baring bad news about JesseMalthus, I’m not sure if he visited this channel frequently, but sadly Jesse passed away earlier today following a car accident yesterday. I am sorry I have had to be the person to tell you this, and I hope you can join us all in sending his family and friends our deepest sympathy”
In Memory of Jesse Malthus
#libsl contributor Jesse Malthus, 17, killed in a car crash.
R.I.P. Jesse Malthus


I’ve known jesse since he appeared on Kula. He was a good guy, a programmer, a founder of the rubyists group in sl, and he did interesting work. I understood that he had just nabbed a summer programming gig with a major consulting company… based on his work with libsl. He was doing great things for one so young and our world is less for his his loss.

jesse had land in kula along with many of hist builds, experiments, and friends. We will miss him. if anyone wants to build anything there in memorium, we’ve made his space.. malthusium into a temporary sandbox, which he always loved.