It's my blogiversary

I started this blog on dec. 29 2002. it is dec 29, 2006. that means, this blog is 9 million and 4 years old (must be the new math).

I spent the last week at my sister’s playing with my nephew and helping during the holidays as i found time. I did not get as much dissertation writing done as i needed there, so I’m hoping to crank up some production these next few weeks.

since no one reads blogiversary posts… I’ll insert my new years resolutions too:

1. finish dissertation in the spring, graduate.
2. get to europe, give talks, meet people
3. go to a new place in nyc every week, blog it.
4 lose 20lb
5. once diss is done, start dating again.
6. write at least 250 words toward publications per day.
7. take better notes.

(all i absolutely need to do is finish the first, but the rest would be good too).