Library NOT Heart of University, Survey Shows

Library NOT Heart of University, Survey Shows:
“Every faculty member here knows students’ papers are already just swaths of text cut and pasted from shit sites they found on Jackpot strung together with their own pathetic run-on sentences. Faculty apathy and grade inflation are the only things keeping students’ GPAs and campus retention from plummeting through the floor and our funding from going with them. Without a library for faculty at least to conduct their research all bets are off!” The Library Association of North America (LANA) has issued a terse response to both the NCUP’s report and developments at Wilburn: “Looks like the party’s over.”

The party is over for libraries? i’d say it ended years ago, prolly in the reagan era. the library is still a necessity, but I don’t think it is a heart…. the heat of a university is the total environment for learning that it provides. not the classroom, not the library, not the lounges, but the whole and how it is architected in passing to encourage learning.