so… there is this thing… called National Novel Writers Month. (its november) The goal is to write a 175 novel by the end of the month… that is the goal, 50000 words. I have another project or two to done in the same time… and they amount to about 50000 words. Is it possible to write 50000 words of academic prose in a month? yes, will it be any good? some will, some won’t, but if i manage to finish these drafts, I can then go on and revise them for months…. So, here is what I’m thinking. I’m going to do NaNoWriMo. I’m just going to post my word count to my blog each day. The goal is to add 50000 words of academic prose by the end of the month. It will be a challenge, it won’t be a novel, but it is 30 days of writing, some of which i’m traveling, but eh…. They key is to write, each and every day, averaging 1500+ words per day. Editing is of course, extra.

So from Nov. 1 to nov. 30. this blog will only be posting the wordcount and the wordcount of that day. I have three projects that i need to work on, but I’ll only be posting the totals. There will probably other little descriptions of what I’m doing that day too.

(part of this is also to break through the lack of confidence that i tend to have in my writing, i need to get past the ‘good’ bit and get to the ‘done’ bit)

so 50000 words… one month…