september project

Yesterday, the Pratt Manhattan Library started the first of what I hope will be a very long tradition of hosting the September Project, we had a good sized audience for the starting event and 3 speakers. Professor Bencivengo presented on the Patriot Act and the ethical issues it raises. Professor Rabina presented on the recent practices and legal aspects of security classified information, specifically the movement to reclassify documents that were previously released. I spoke to the broader issues of where the normative foundations of information professional and librarians might lie in the digital age through my presentation on cosmopolitan democracy: dissent and informational power. Our librarian, Jean Hines, did an excellent job in pulling this effort together and I look forward to working with her on the September Project in the future. Thanks also go to David Silver and his colleagues at University of Washington for imagining the project and providing the network of information that makes it interesting and successful.