female superheros…. Batwoman hero returns as lesbian

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Batwoman hero returns as lesbian:
The series is set in a world in which established superheroes Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman do not play a part.


The new-look Batwoman is just one of a wave of ethnically and sexually diverse characters entering the DC Comics universe.

Others include Mexican teenager Blue Beetle – who replaces the character’s previous white incarnation – and the Great Ten, a government-sponsored team of Chinese superheroes.

Regular characters Firestorm and The Atom, meanwhile, have been reinvented as black and Asian heroes respectively.

The characters are part of a wider effort to broaden the make-up of comic-book creations in line with society as a whole.

Batwoman, who first appeared in July 1956, has not been seen since September 1979 when she was killed by the League of Assassins and the Bronze Tiger.
the most popular post ever on this blog was the post on female superheros, which was a cfp. however he post above is actually a post to note that dc, once the purveyor of fairly waspish values, is breaking their mold and having a female, lesbian, superhero. i find this intriguing, but i suspect it is primarily market driven.