I’m just catching up on the Net Neutrality debate–a situation wherein the usual communication giants will, in effect, trample on the average Internet user’s rights. That’s literally what’s at stake. Please read Adam Cohen’s New York Times piece:


And please check out the blog savetheinternet.com: http://savetheinternet.com/blog/

And be very, very concerned.

While this horror story is going on, Internet hipsters are crying in their wine over the big FCC fines being levied on networks for showing nipples, etc. Isn’t that odd? You’d think their main concern would be all this multi-tiered-access stuff. It’s almost as their worries weren’t Democratic in nature. You know?

Jesus, this is scary. Per my religion, I’m asking for help from same. (Don’t worry–in my book, he loves everyone.)



more save the internet….. i think saving the internet is a good thing. however, i’m not always sure what we are saving….