International Workshop in Madrid using open source technologies for artistic production

Media Lab Madrid, together with David Cuartielles (Arduino), Casey Reas
(Processing), Zach Liebermann (Code Artist), and Hans C. Steiner
(PureData) are proud to present a two weeks project development workshop
to happen in Madrid – Spain between April 17 – 30, 2006.

Main goal to this workshop is to create projects including open source
technologies in an open source way. All the pieces will be then exhibited
for -at least- another three weeks, and then will be toured through
different venues. So far already two festivals to happen before the summer
2006 have manifested their interest in getting this work.

The workshop is fully financed by Media Lab Madrid and the Centro Cultural
Conde Duque. You only have to take care of your transportation +
accomodation in the area.

For more information and downloading the application forms, please check
the following web-sites:


i wish i could go to this, but i’m teaching this semester, so i can’t spare two weeks.