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Campbell’s Law

According to Diane Ravitch’s blog Campbell’s Law is: “The more any quantitative social indicator or even some qualitative indicator is used for social decision-making, the more subject it will be to corruption pressures and the more apt it will be to distort and corrupt the social processes it is intended to monitor.” via The Best […]

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10 things that i think i know about learning ecologies

10 things that i think i know about learning ecologies 1. human beings learn; we don’t stop learning, we learn while we are awake, we learn while we are asleep, we learn when under stress, and we learn when comfortable and happy. 2. human beings do not always learn what others know,  or think is […]

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YouTube – No More “Learners”

—– we are all in this together.

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Facts should be avoided.

Technical knowledge was to be strenuously avoided: “Facts are the core of an anti-intellectual curriculum,” he observed. “Facts do not solve problems. . . . The gadgeteers and the data collectors have threatened to become the supreme chieftains of the scholarly world.” The true stewards of the university, said the career administrator, should be those […]

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IT Index

Amherst College, in western Massachusetts, enrolled 438 first year students this fall, for a total student population of 1680+. I gathered the following to tell the story of the changes occurring here and now in the life of the College. [From IT Index] ——– Here’s a great index of a small college’s it needs. I’d […]

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Student Shortcomings – Anything but Masters of Technology –

When it comes to today’s kids and their use of technology, a new report sponsored by the British Library and the Joint Information Systems Committee reveals some very interesting results. The biggest shock to many will be one that is actually quite obvious to those who work in education. [From Student Shortcomings – Anything but […]

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Research Blogging

Posts – Research Blogging] —- Research blogging is a blog for people who blog about peer reviewed research. It is a place to share and read about that research across many disciplines.

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Fellowship and Conference

Since Tuesday I have been in Milwaukee visiting SOIS and CIPR as part of my Information Ethics fellowship. I attended a discussion about a possible future conference on translating intercultural information ethics across the situated understandings that term implies across a plurality of contexts. That seems like a great project, I’m happy to help out […]

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About TELOS : Telos Press

Since 1968, the quarterly journal TELOS has provided an international forum for discussions of political, social, and cultural change. It has built a bridge between intellectual debates in Europe and the United States, exploring matters of contemporary concern to both sides of the Atlantic. Over its long history, TELOS has promoted the awareness of dissidence […]

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Blackboard wins initial round on patent suit damages awarded 3+million

The verdict, announced this afternoon, allows Blackboard Inc. to demand a ban on sales of Desire2Learn’s products in the United States. [From – News – Local: Jury rules against Desire2Learn in patent case ] —- I cannot help but wonder why this patent has not been invalidated. There has to be innumerable examples of […]

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