More on the PhilSci OA repository

More on the PhilSci OA repository:

James Lennox is retiring as director of the University of Pittsburth’s Center for Philosophy of Science (CPS). For the OA connection, think about this paragraph from a news story on Lennox and CPS: ‘The center’s world-class reputation is enhanced by the Archives for Scientific Philosophy in the Hillman Library, widely recognized as the most important archival collection of unpublished material related to the history of logical empiricism in the world, as well as by PhilSci Archives, an Internet-based preprint server that is now the default prepublication site for philosophy of science scholarship.’

(PS: I like this. An eminent academic research center believes its reputation is enhanced by its association with an OA repository. The typical pattern today is the reverse. Let’s hope to see more of this in the future.)


this seems like it might be a good thing….