MountMap Pop-up Topographic Ski Map

MountMap Pop-up Topographic Ski Map:
mountmaps.jpgCombining the thrill of pop-up books with the danger of handling tricky paper folds while perched on the edge of a snow-covered mountain, MountMaps offers topographical maps of ski resorts printed on waterproof, recyclable plastic. Well, two resorts, at least, but you get the idea. The maps fold out of a small case to show elevation, ski paths, buildings, and cave dwellings of the fierce but proud Snowboardin’ Yeti. Each case also includes a 16-28 page key for using your MountMap, which doesn’t sound awkward at all.
Mountmaps were originally conceived by Stephen Brittan and Fletcher Morgan on a chairlift in Chamonix, France, and executed with “two thousand year old oragami techniques and lots of mathmatics and science.” You’re putting your life in the hands of two Englishmen at high altitudes that like making paper cranes. (Thanks, Andy!)
MountMaps: The World’s First Pop-up Topographical Ski Map [MountMaps]


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