Weblogs as Pedagogy

Weblogs as Pedagogy:
Barbara Ganley’s recent post about how the tool is becoming indistinguishable from the course makes it clear just how far down the blog road she has travelled.


As both Aaron and Barbara ask, however, which comes first, the tools or the pedagogy? The easy answer is that the pedagogy should drive the decisions about tools. But these days, the tools offer ways to really transform the pedagogy in ways we haven’t even begun to think about yet. That’s what Barbara is immersed in. And that’s what we’ll need more of to realize whatever potential there is.


i think this is the wrong question to ask. the question to ask is “what can i do next?”, and then use whatever tools you have. pedagogies are tools; are technologies. when you start saying which determines which, you start dismissing the key point/fulcrum of learning, which is the student, the learner. that person or those people determine both the technologies and pedagogies. (note: i put this into a form closer to english on 1-18)