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Call: closed systems / open worlds

Closed Systems / Open Worlds Edited by: Jeremy Hunsinger (Wilfrid Laurier University), Jason Nolan (Ryerson University) & Melanie McBride (York University) This book will consist of explorations at the boundaries of virtual worlds as enclosed but encouraging spaces for exploration, learning, and enculturation. Game/worlds like Second Life, OpenSim, Minecraft, and Cloud Party are providing spaces […]

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What is "Thayer's Method"?

Thayer’s is the teaching method and style used at west point. The students do the work before class, prepare well the night before, then arrive and ask questions about the work done and the work they are preparing to do.

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Student Shortcomings – Anything but Masters of Technology –

When it comes to today’s kids and their use of technology, a new report sponsored by the British Library and the Joint Information Systems Committee reveals some very interesting results. The biggest shock to many will be one that is actually quite obvious to those who work in education. [From Student Shortcomings – Anything but […]

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teaching with technology

“teaching with technology” seems to be a conceptual misconstruction that highlights the two issues of technology in classes that are pretty moot when technology is used right. the first is the teacher, the second is the role of technology. to be with, means to be not ‘of’, so teaching with technology will always be bringing […]

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‘Middle School Syndrome’ Undergoes a Reversal – New York Times

‘Middle School Syndrome’ Undergoes a Reversal – New York Times: “There are superintendents who want to avoid teaching to the test,” Dr. Lodovico said. “I say, we’re going to provide the kind of instruction that the state standards want us to provide. If that is teaching to the tests, so be it.” —- and this […]

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Home | Tutorials Garden | Photoshop, PHP, Flash, CSS, XHTML, Javascript Tutorials

Home | Tutorials Garden | Photoshop, PHP, Flash, CSS, XHTML, Javascript Tutorials: Tutorials Garden is an ultimate place for tutorials on world’s most using tools and software. Users can find free tutorials and articles and authors can get targeted visitors for their website by submitting tutorials on Tutorials Garden. —- yep…

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Why Moodle Instead of Blackboard?

Why Moodle Instead of Blackboard?: why I thought Moodle was better than Blackboard —– some insights into why moodle might work in elementary…. and other schools, better than blackboard.

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Chaos in the Classroom

Chaos in the Classroom: It won’t always be called chaos in the classroom. It will soon be known as interactive, hands-on, collaborative, personalized learning with choice. Just not soon enough. —– the question though… is whether it will be called ‘good’… by whom, and for whom. I’d generally think that this is good in general… […]

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Program offers teachers summer jobs at IT companies – Jacksonville Business Journal:

Program offers teachers summer jobs at IT companies – Jacksonville Business Journal:: A local organization has created a program to place high school and community college teachers in summer internships in a high demand field, with the hopes those teachers will bring first-hand experience back to the classroom. —- this is smart.

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Wiki Project Shut Down

Wiki Project Shut Down: is part of the reason why I was tremendously disappointed to read today that his students have lost contact with a group of students across the country when a parent from the out of state class complained. As I said when I left a comment on Ben’s blog, I was disappointed, […]

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