Computer Stupidities: Operating Systems

Computer Stupidities: Operating Systems: ” The interview seemed to be going well up to this point, with the guy seeming to understand most of the stuff I was throwing out (even the stuff I wasn’t too sure about myself) until I happened to mention that the DG workstation, along with all the other workstations and servers in our office (save the NT server, of course) ran DG/UX 5.4R3.10:

Me: ‘Yeah, and this thing runs DG/UX 5.4R3.10.’

Him: ‘What’s that?’

He stares blankly. My heart sinks.

Him: ‘So does that run as a thread under NT?’

Me: ‘No. It’s an OS. It just runs by itself.’

Him: ‘Oh oh, so you start up NT, then–‘

Me: ‘No. UNIX. It’s an operating system. It runs by itself, not under NT.’v

He stares blankly. So much for this prospective employee.”

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