Jon Udell on the passive-aggressive Semantic Web

Jon Udell on the passive-aggressive Semantic Web: “

He doesn’t call it that, but his column in InfoWorld, “Bootstrapping the Semantic Web” makes a fascinating point. At a site that aggregates info about people

… I show up as executive editor of Byte Magazine and contributor to Linux Magazine. And while those were once accurate descriptions of me, I have never been a member of Blue Titan’s board of advisors, and I am not the inventor of RSS.

Semantic-Web naysayers think people and organizations can’t be bothered to assert machine-readable facts about themselves. And, today, that is undoubtedly true. But when others assert facts about you — as they increasingly will — the tide could begin to turn. Individual acts of self-defense may ultimately combine to bootstrap the semantic Web.

(Via Joho the Blog.)


self-defense may drive it… i agree, or i suspect that some people will be overly aggressive and get sued, mire the whole thing a huge ball of crap and that will be the end of many assertions.