Thu, 29 Jul 2004 18:36:47 GMT

well, tonight, nearly everyone decided to go play tennis, so i decided, as is par for my course to be different, so i wandered and bought some shirts and such, then i wandered and went to the bear to look at the ties and have an old speckled hen, then i decided that it was seafood night, i know today is thursday and seafood night is friday night, but since i missed last weeks and i just noted fishers yesterday, i decided to jaunt, so i went there, i had grilled sardines, very good with a grilled lemon quarter, then i had a nice glass of wine and dinner which was their steamed platter, slightly messy, slightly smelly, but all good, mussels, cockels, clams, langosta, and things that i could not identify, but had no problem eating. very good overall, i was tempted by desert, which was fresh strawberries in jersey cream, but there was no way to eat more there, i was full, and they had not the little container for takeout, so i wandered off. such is life. nonetheless fishers is fine seafood for what i had. though inarguably, they slightly oversteamed the langosta, and should have had a size larger clams, but other than that, the mussels and cockels were keen.