Bloglines Broken (Not Anymore)

Bloglines Broken (Not Anymore): “

Like many others, I use Bloglines RSS Reader to both read RSS feeds and provide a blogroll for my blog. Well, the mobile version is now having errors, with seemingly someone forgetting to close a tag:

An error occured:

Traceback (innermost last):
File “cgi.c”, line 1391, in cgi_display()
File “csparse.c”, line 291, in cs_parse_file()
File “csparse.c”, line 438, in cs_parse_string()
ParseError: [/var/bloglines/current/content/web/] Missing end ?> at evar:Lang.subXNew)

The Lesson Is: Check your code before putting it in production environment.

UPDATE: Five minutes after contacting Bloglines, I received a response that the problem has been fixed. Double checking it, indeed it has. Thanks guys!

(Via NetWizard’s Blog.)


i think that conceptually bloglines has always been broken because it allows readers to make private their blogroll, which they could always do, but i find it more interesting to see blogrolls in public. so for me, bloglines is always broken.