Counterculture “Pirates” Who Fought Hitler?

Counterculture “Pirates” Who Fought Hitler?:
This came to me from Randy Tinkerman, who is currently hanging out in Germany:

Campaigning for Cologne’s Maligned Resistance

They wore their hair long, sang songs by banned Jewish composers and fought the Nazi regime. But history has so far remembered Cologne’s Edelweiss Pirates as criminals rather than resistance fighters…until now.

On …
the portrayal of the other… it carries through generations, not just at the point of initiation, not just as a matter of policy but as a matter of culture. this is one of the problems that i have with the way the media portrays the people we wage war against. these stereotypes will carry. this is obvious from the portrayal of the cologne resistance, these people may have been social problems for the regime, but it is not their actions that linger, but the portrayal of them as anti-regime pirates.