Moral Values I'd Like to Revive

Moral Values I’d Like to Revive:

Clean Air and Water
Home Cooked Meals
Reading Out Loud
Minding Your Own Business
Spending Time Together With The Ones You Love
Growing Your Own
Taffy Pulls
Original Music
Family Doctors
Public Schooling
Rapid Transit
Tree Climbing
Natural Breasts
Sex Without Advertising
Orgasms Without Explanations
Life Without Pharmaceuticals
Growing Old Gracefully
Modest Amounts
Giving Your Word
Lights at the End of Tunnels

What’s your list?…


i would add anti-oppression, liberty, democracy, equality, shared social costs, care of the self, reading, writing, critical thought, patriotism over fascism/nationalism, the pursuit of knowledge, curiosity, experimentation, social justice, and likely some others that i can’t think of without coffee, which i’m going to get now.

oh and here is another…..