Internet Vets for Truth launch election-week download blowout

Internet Vets for Truth launch election-week download blowout:Xeni Jardin:
An anonymous tipster points us to the launch of an election-related download project organized by a group called “Internet Veterans for Truth.” If you’re familiar with P2P-politics, you get the basic idea — though the projects are not related, and don’t follow the same content-gathering process.

The site features excerpts (and some full-length downloads) from features including Going Upriver, Farenheit 9/11, Uncovered, a bunch of Jon Stewart and Daily Show clips, and Eminem’s Mosh video.

Snip from the site:

Subject: The Rumors On the Internets Are True!

The INTERNETS VETERANS FOR TRUTH have launched a new pre-election campaign, “Never Forget,” at in an effort to educate the voting public prior to the November 2nd election.

The website features documentary content highlighting the records of both
George W. Bush and John Kerry. The Internets Veterans for truth invite you to view this documentary evidence
as well as to enjoy the social and political commentary of Jon Stewart,
Eminem, and others.

We know the rumors on the Internets are true. We invite you to visit and decide for yourself. And please, pass this on to our fellow Americans. Let’s blogroll.

Link. Everything’s free, natch.

somewhat interesting….