Sat, 09 Aug 2003 03:16:34 GMT

Conference web site software.

Further to my post about a conference web site.  Thanks to Jeremy Hunsinger, I set up a good enough site in about 10 minutes.  Actually, the underlying code is pretty awesome and the HCI is very nicely done, especially on the back end.  My first impressions are very positive.  There is some tinkering I'd like to do around the edges, but for now that can wait.  Our professional development people are going to like this since it can support multiple conferences, although I have it running in single conference mode right now.

Given other pressures, the impending term and my currently comatose computer, this will work.  I'll put my perfectionism to one side.

By (David Carter-Tod). [Serious Instructional Technology]

glad he found it of use, the public knowledge project out of canada is where i sent him, it has sofware for journals and for conferences, much like the software i worked on at the cddc, but there is much less user intensive, and thus more friendly. i think that in general, i'll be using and extending there software.