fiscal might should not buy the ability to define what’s right.

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Attorney General John Ashcroft, Commerce Secretary Don Evans and U.S. Trade
Representative Robert Zoellick, and senior officials from the Department of
Homeland Security announce today a coordinated crackdown on the theft of
U.S. intellectual property, such as pirated compact discs and knockoff auto
parts, which U.S. officials say amounts to about 7% of global trade. Called
the Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy, or Stop, the effort consists of
immediate steps to be taken by federal agencies, together with legal and
administrative changes to be made in coming months.
[SOURCE: Wall Street Journal, AUTHOR: Neil King Jr.],,SB109684335731934784,00.html?mod=todays_us_
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* WSJ: New File-Swapping Software Limits Sharers to a Select Few
Grouper Networks has developed software that lets people share music,
movies, photos and other digital data on their computers with small groups
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well…. this is 'orrible. I hope people protest this understanding of profit as justice, fiscal might buying what's right.